Med Assist was established to support the growing need of mandatory Medicaid and Medicare clinical assessments by the New York State Department of Health. Our unique staff has been in the health care industry for over 10 years and our experience coupled with our desire to achieve quality driven metrics have placed us at the forefront of being subject matter experts.


Clinical assessments are the building blocks to any medical intervention. They are the most critical and essential components which drive patient-centered care. An insufficient assessment underscores a patient’s right to proper medical care. In an effort to combat this issue, Med Assist was established to accurately and efficiently capture a patient’s health status. As the New York City population approaches the retirement of the baby boomer generation, clinical assessments will remain at the forefront in determining proper care.


Our team is comprised of clinicians who understand and value your time. We will work with your organization in developing effective workflows that strive to deliver the results that you expect. Take comfort in knowing that we push ourselves in being able to adapt and evolve our operations to accept and complete your assessment quota. We aim to exceed your expectations.

Our Competitive Edge

Certified Assessors

We employ only the most qualified, dedicated, and knowledgeable field personnel to complete your clinical assessments. Our assessors are trained by competent clinical educators who are well versed in all aspects of the assessment process. The assessors must also pass a comprehensive field performance evaluation that tests their ability to conduct accurate, efficient, and quality driven assessments.

Dependable Service

Our staff is always readily available to answer all of your questions. You will receive a dedicated point person at our agency who will keep you informed of all updates. Our goal is to keep you satisfied while ensuring full transparency on the status of your assessments.

Timely Submission

In conjunction with your team, we will develop a tailor made submission process that satisfies your requirements. As such, the assessments will be completed within the mandated deadlines. Furthermore, we will prioritize assessments that must be conducted within 24-48 hours.

Quality Assurance (QA) Process

Every assessment undergoes a clinical review process by one of our seasoned QA reviewers who audits for inconsistencies and conflicting findings. The goal is to provide a comprehensive and accurate assessment of the patient's health status.